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Main trend of environmental protection cable of Zhujiang Cable

We compare the conventional cable with the environmentally friendly cable: the conventional cable is quite polluting, and a large amount of harmful substances such as dioxins, lead, cadmium, and halides are generated during manufacturing, use, and waste disposal. Environmentally friendly cables do not have the above-mentioned problems compared to ordinary cables. He mainly has the following characteristics. First, the halogen-free nature of environmentally friendly cables. Cables of this quality can not only exert the insulating properties of ordinary cables, but also It can avoid the production of harmful substances when burning. Secondly, the characteristics of environmentally friendly cables are strong flame retardant properties, and cable experts have indicated that this feature can prevent the expansion of the fire range in the event of a fire. Finally, the protection characteristics of environmentally friendly cables for ultraviolet light and water, the cable expert said that this performance will prevent the cable from being weathered to a certain extent, which will slow down the aging speed and extend the service life of the cable to a certain extent.
Therefore, in general, environmentally friendly cables have characteristics such as non-toxic, non-polluting, high safety and reliability, long service life, easy to split and recycle, and thus become the future cable market. Mainstream.

The competition of enterprises is the competition of comprehensive strength, but the competition of the most important products, the competition of products is mainly the competition of technology, and the competition of improving the efficiency of resources and resources. The essence of circular economy is to improve the utilization rate of resources by adopting high-tech clean production technology. Therefore, electricians must make important adjustments to the way of resource utilization and management. Enterprises must establish environmental cost awareness and pay attention to resources in the economic cycle. Recycling; the principle of recycling of waste; 

At present, the representative green environmental protection cable of Guangdong Zhujiang wire and cable mainly includes flame-retardant cable and fire-proof cable. Among them, some high-end products such as low-smoke halogen-free wire and cable and irradiation cable are increasing. Low-smoke halogen-free cables are mainly used in rail transit, hospitals, schools and other social places.

In general, environmentally friendly cables are a major trend. As countries pay more attention to environmental protection issues, environmentally friendly cables will effectively drive the development of the cable industry, enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers, and enable the cable industry in green practices and innovations. The road to sustainable development is getting more stable.