Zhujiang Cable is a trusted cable company in China18 years wire and cable expert
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our advantatge

  • Business advantage
    Founded in 2001, it has more than ten years of development history and rich experience in industry operations.
    Business advantage
  • Scale advantage
    Covers an area of more than 300 acres, production scale of up to 5 billion
    Scale advantage
  • Branded advantages
    After more than ten years of accumulation, it has a high reputation and a large number of loyal customers.
    Branded advantages
  • Service advantage
    Perfect training courses, perfect support system, and powerful agent online support platform to provide strong support for agents
    Service advantage
  • Production advantage
    Introduce a number of industry-leading production lines from home and abroad, adopt advanced management mode and management software to ensure supply within 24 hours, and seize market opportunities for agents.
    Production advantage
  • Product advantages
    Guangdong Zhujiang Cable has its own technology research and development center, insisting on using high-quality materials to ensure product quality and providing customers with cost-effective products.
    Product advantages