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RVV PVC insulated sheathed cord

RVV PVC insulated sheathed cord

Features: RVV line full name light PVC sheathed flexible wire, used in electrical, instrumentation and electronic equipment and automatic generation of power lines, control lines and signal transmission lines, specifically for anti-theft alarm systems, building intercom systems.
Product Details

Scope of application:


Mainly used in electrical, instrumentation and electronic equipment and automatic generation of power lines, control lines and signal transmission lines, specifically for burglar alarm systems, building intercom systems, household lighting cables.




RVV wire and cable fillers are generally cotton, PE or PVC strips.

The role of filling: Because most of the conductor cross-sectional area is circular, it must be filled by the filling material to form a tight and solid support to avoid the flattening of the wire during the tortuous.

The role of the outer sheath: 1, protect the inner sheath of the cable from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion; 2, enhance the mechanical strength of the cable.


Implementation standards: 

GB/T5023-2008 JB/T8734-2012


Zhujiang Wires & Cables 

Model number: 


Conductor material: 

Copper oxide free core (copper content: 99.9%)

Number of cores:

2-36 core

Insulation Materials:




Rated voltage: 

300/3000V  300V/500V




1, please contact customer service staff for more core color;

2, other special places use RVV cable products (high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, cutting resistance, etc.), please contact customer service staff.


RVV cable full name copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as light PVC sheathed cord, commonly known as soft sheathed wire, is a kind of sheathed wire. RVV wire and cable is two or more RV lines plus a sheath. The RVV cable is the most common cable for weak current systems. The number of cores is variable, two or more, and there is a PVC sheath on the outside. There is no special requirement for the arrangement between the core wires.

The number of cores is divided into two groups according to the national standard. The two-core twisted composite cable and the outer strand twisting direction are right-direction. It is widely used in the control installation of instruments, instruments, buildings, intercom, monitoring and monitoring.


Operating temperature 

Bending radius 

Test voltage

The main function 




15× cable outer diameter 

2000V, 5min 

Ordinary: RVV for building and industrial use for residential and commercial use. Flame retardant: To prevent the spread of 2 fires (ZR-RVV) Fireproof: Fire-fighting system (NH-RVV) 

It is mainly used in flexible use places such as medium and light mobile electric appliances, instrumentation, household appliances and power lighting. It can transmit control signals and transmit power signals. It is also suitable for laying in bridges and hoses. At the same time, this product has obtained the CCC and CE mark certification, in line with the requirements of HD (EU Uniform Coordination Standard), not only applicable to the Chinese market, but also to the European market. According to the HD standard, this cable type is H05VV-F. 


RVV cable specification core number –

2x 0.50, 3x 0.50, 4x 0.50, 5x 0.50, 6x 0.50, 7x 0.50, 8x 0.50, 10x 0.50, 12x 0.50, 18x 0.50, 25x 0.50, 36x 0.50.

2x 0.75, 3x 0.75, 4x 0.75, 5x 0.75, 6x 0.75, 7x 0.75, 8x 0.75, 10x 0.75, 12x 0.75, 18x 0.75, 25x 0.75, 36x 0.75.

2x 1.0, 3x 1.0, 4x 1.0, 5x 1.0, 6x 1.0, 7x 1.0, 8x 1.0, 10x 1.0, 12x 1.0, 18x 1.0, 25x 1.0, 36x 1.0.

2x 1.5, 3x 1.5, 4x 1.5, 5x 1.5, 6x 1.5, 7x 1.5, 8x 1.5, 10x 1.5, 12x 1.5, 18x 1.5, 25x 1.5, 36x 1.5.

2x 2.5, 3 x 2.5, 4 x 2.5, 5 x 2.5, 6 x 2.5, 7 x 2.5, 8 x 2.5, 10 x 2.5, 12 x 2.5, 18 x 2.5, 25 x 2.5, 36 x 2.5.

3x 4.0, 4x 4.0, 5x 4.0, 7x 4.0.

3x 6.0, 4x 6.0, 5x 6.0, 7x 6.0.

3x 10.0, 4x 10.0, 5x 10.0.